Notes on Pricing

The Connect Homes budget includes the completed home from top of foundation up to the roof. This includes all of your finishes, insulation, doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, central heat/air, cabinets, and appliances! We will design, produce, deliver, and install the home modules to your site. Below are more details on the pricing breakdowns per phase of the project.


The production price is the cost to build the steel-framed modules in our factory. In our factory, we build the structure, MEP systems, most finishes, exterior doors, exterior windows, so that most of the home is completed in a controlled environment. Production costs are subject to change up until the Purchase Order is signed, at which time these costs are fixed for the Project. INSTALLATION Once the modules are completed, we will deliver the modules to your site. We will also send a crew to your site to finish the installation by completing the seams where the modules come together. Finish installation costs as listed for projects within 60 miles of factory. Costs will be included in the Purchase Order as actual costs plus a 10% fixed fee and are provided here as an estimate.


This number is the total cost paid to us for the design, production, and installation of our homes. These figures are provided for preliminary estimating purposes only. Connect Homes does not have absolute control over the costs of goods and materials, nor the timing of any potential price increases of those costs between the time of issuing a Project Budget and the signing of the Purchase Order. Therefore, at this time, we cannot guarantee that the actual construction costs will not vary from these preliminary estimates.


In addition to the modules, which covers everything from top of foundation to the roof, you will need the foundation, site utility infrastructure, driveway, and other site work. These items are typically built by a separate local general contractor, except in the Los Angeles area, where we can build both the modules and site work. Every site is different and as such, this estimate will fluctuate depending on site location, site specific conditions and local labor rates. The figures (for on-site work only) on each model home page is set at $40/sf and assumes a flat site with good soils and utilities on site.